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Transparent Language has assembled this collection of articles on a variety of interesting topics to benefit the French learners who visit our site. Each article is written in French and accompanied by its English translation, so you that can use these resources as a fun way to practice reading French. As you explore the subject of each article, you'll also be building your French vocabulary, learning French grammar, and reviewing the French alphabet.

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French Article Topics:

The Loire Valley
The Environment
French Entertainers
Editor's Pick
Art and Literature
Events 1
Great Humanitarians
Slang and Idioms
Scientific Discoveries
New Year Traditions
Education and Government
Events 2
Events 3
Travel Tips

Language Learning Tip: You can print any of these French language articles to continue your French language learning when you are away from the computer! Just make sure that your printer orientation setting is set to "landscape" to ensure that all the text is printed.

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