Transparent Language
vs. Rosetta Stone

Containing more than double the number of languages, customized and extended learning material, broader mobile applications, and an instructional methodology designed to maximize the value of time spent, Transparent Language Online provides a better experience for both initial language learning and life-long improvement.

Learning Methodology

Learn it fast. Know it forever.

Rosetta Stone has often likened their learning process to the way we learned our first language, as children. To that end, their immersive approach to presenting learning material utilizes activities such as picture association.

However, adults are not children. Noticing and testing observed patterns is time-consuming, and can easily lead to unresolved ambiguity and frustration. Children's minds are, in some ways, more receptive and have lots of time to notice and test patterns. On the other hand, adults have other powerful capabilities that they can and should bring to bear to learn language more quickly and reliably. To approach language learning with limited time and to restrict one's self to toddler-friendly methods appears to be the worst of both worlds.

Transparent Language Online is designed to help the learner build a large vocabulary of words and phrases that are easily recalled and retained in long-term memory, but in much less time and with more certainty and reliability. Transparent Language's "Declarative First" method uses a "paired language" approach that presents the target language alongside the learner's native language, reducing ambiguity and increasing the amount of material learned per hour of time spent. Children learning a first language don't have this option, but fortunately adults learning a second language do.

With paired language and the Declarative First method, users will learn faster, with less ambiguity, longer retention, and less potential for frustration.

Learning Material

Learning Material

One size doesn't fit all.

Transparent Language and Rosetta Stone present a similar quantity of learning material in their respective products, over 2,400 unique words in most languages. However, Rosetta Stone courses generally deliver fixed content and are the same for everyone. Transparent Language recognizes that everyone's "life in language" is different. Each person and organization has particular interests and purposes for language. Transparent Language emphasizes and supports customizing the language experience to adapt to each learner. Users, instructors, colleagues, or friends can create customized content for their own use or to share.

Mobile Learning

More flexibility. More freedom.

Both Rosetta Stone and Transparent Language provide mobile and tablet applications for language learning on the go. The Rosetta Stone TOTALe® Companion allows learners to take what they have already learned on their computer or tablet and refresh their memory. However, the Transparent Language mobile application provides a more comprehensive experience for the learner by not requiring usage in combination with the Transparent Language Online system and also by tracking progress and completion. Language learning done right is fun as it is, but almost everyone finds additional satisfaction and motivation in watching their progress grow each day.

Mobile Learning

Languages Offered

More than double the available languages

Rosetta Stone offers learning materials for 33 different languages; Transparent Language Online is available in over 100 foreign languages, plus English language (ESL) material for speakers of 27 different languages.

Language Coverage

The Transparent Language Mission

Outcomes matter. Transparent Language technology and methods are developed and honed in conjunction with some of the world's largest and most rigorous language schools and programs. Our primary business is enabling much faster and more reliable language learning by professionals in organizations with critical and stringent language requirements. Transparent Language products offer the addictive game dynamics and user experiences of entertainment software in the service of delivering serious language-learning outcomes.

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This page necessarily includes opinions of the author, Transparent Language, Inc. The foreign language market seems to generate more than its
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